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Seth Martin

Seth Martin
It's probably not a good idea to store anything sensitive, private or potentially revealing at locations you don't own. Big data companies like this, keep your data forever! Choice is only an illusion.

Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this bug kept them in the cloud


Biz apologizes after years-old data mysteriously reappears
Dropbox says it was responsible for an attempted bug fix that instead caused old, deleted data to reappear on the site.…

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Seth Martin
I had an #SSD die today. It wouldn't have been so bad if the storage device didn't contain the master boot record. Now I cannot boot any of the operating systems on this machine. #Windows 8 doesn't know when to stop pissing me off. I don't even use Windows 8 other than to occasionally familiarize myself with the OS for the purpose of running my business.

Lesson learned. Trust your intuition when you worry during Windows 8 install, you might get screwed over a bit when your Win 8 drive fails.

I'll eventually get back to booting the operating systems that I actually use on this machine, but for now I'm stuck with the laptop because I gotta spend whatever time that I have left tonight preparing for a long hot day tomorrow managing a roof replacement.

Seth Martin
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SSDs Cheaper Than Hard Drives? Not In This Decade - Network Computing


Despite falling SSD prices, spinning disks will still be the better bargain through 2020.

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Analysis of SSD Reliability during power-outages
lkcl writes

After the reports on SSD reliability and after experiencing a costly 50% failure rate on over 200 remote-deployed OCZ Vertex SSDs, a degree of paranoia set in where I work. I was asked to carry out SSD analysis with some very specific criteria: budget below £100, size greater than 16Gbytes and Power-loss protection mandatory. This was almost an impossible task: after months of searching the shortlist was very short indeed. There was only one drive that survived the torturing: the Intel S3500. After more than 6,500 power-cycles over several days of heavy sustained random writes, not a single byte of data was lost. Crucial M4: failed. Toshiba THNSNH060GCS: failed. Innodisk 3MP SATA Slim: failed. OCZ: failed hard. Only the end-of-lifed Intel 320 and its newer replacement, the S3500, survived unscathed. The conclusion: if you care about data even when power could be unreliable, only buy Intel SSDs.

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Wouldn't put too much faith in a feel very differently towards them after your first power outage caused by a UPS...
Seth Martin
When I was still with DreamHost, they had this UPS problem ongoing for weeks. Just one of many things that seriously pissed me off about them. I find it to be very incompetent to not implement a workaround when you know what the problem is.
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Both my Red hubs are on Intel SSDs.  I'm enjoying the I/O gains, but would not be surprised if it died over the next three years - hopefully after we outgrow the 120GB size limitation of the drive.