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Was Silk Road 2.0 an FBI trap?

Silk Road 2.0 forum moderators going by the handles "Inigo" and "Libertas" were reportedly arrested in Virginia and Wicklow, Ireland, respectively.

In a post to the user forums of Tor Market – a competing site to Silk Road 2.0 – a user who is believed to be Inigo suggested that authorities may have a far better view into the workings of the online marketplace than anyone previously suspected:

Guys I was arrested yesterday and out on bond now. But something is fucked! I know I'm risking more warning you guys and my attorney doesn't even want me on the internet but you guys need to know this. When I was in the interview they showed me all sorts of shit that they should not know or have access to ... Something is definitely wrong and they have the ability to see things on here only mods or admins should like transfers and a dispute I had.

Alleged Top Moderators Of Silk Road 2 Forums Arrested In Ireland, U.S. In International Sweep | TechCrunch


At least two moderators of the Silk Road 2 user forums have been arrested by authorities in the U.S. and Ireland. A source claiming to have inside knowledge..

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Mike Macgirvin
they have the ability to see things on here only mods or admins should like transfers and a dispute I had

Whilst admittedly merely conjecture - this sounds like they located the service provider and either applied pressure or tapped it. Alternatively, remember that I'm a bit suspicious (not tin foil hat suspicious, but markedly curious) that all of our hardware has backdoors which can be remotely triggered. All of it.
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So general sense is that everyone is easily and remotely vulnerable to secret searches by government and subcontractor assets.  This, along with complete data storage of web traffic, makes retroactive prosecution both possible and likely.

The only thing not happening is tens of thousands of people being picked up at night by people driving dark sedans.

We're on the cusp of losing big to a new form of totalitarian politics, globally distributed, and effectively pre-possitioned to take advantage of its tech superiority, and human gullibility.

Is there anything that can be done to maintain some form of political freedom?