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Seth Martin

Seth Martin
There were reports of the certificate for being rejected by Chome/Chromium so I changed to Let's Encrypt yesterday.

I changed the Hubzilla directory server for today as I noticed it wasn't working. It was set to but that website is down for now, so I changed it to If you wondered why it didn't work, now you do.

Seth Martin,, and were all either not functioning or handicapped most of yesterday due to my hosting facility relocating the server. In hindsight, I should have accepted their offer to schedule a convenient time with me, but at that time I figured 'why not let them move it while I'm sleeping?'

There turned out to be more than one problem. First I didn't have any method set up to start the virtual machines automatically upon host machine reboot. I realized this when I woke, started them and rushed off to work. The next problem was that several database tables crashed for each website making them pretty useless.

It took a while to get all the tables repaired but it all looks good now.

My apologies to anyone that was inconvenienced.

#Fixed @LibertyPod+
Haakon Meland Eriksen
Well done!
Maria Karlsen
No problem, just moved to a clone meanwhile:-)
Seth Martin
I love having clones. One of the most important features of Hubzilla software.
Seth Martin
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