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Seth Martin
  last edited: Sun, 29 May 2016 21:17:53 -0500 will come to an end on June 11, 2016.

Action is required by all members that wish to keep their channels that are hosted on this hub location.
Please visit to export your channel and content before June 11, 2016.

This public RedMatrix hub was originally installed to provide a home for those wishing to utilize the Zot protocol but were lacking the resources. I now have another website running Hubzilla at with the same purpose.

The .red top-level domain was chosen before the software running this website underwent the name change from RedMatrix to Hubzilla and is no longer appealing. This change along with the inability to upgrade without members exporting their channels and reimporting their channels after the upgrade led to this decision.

If you don't already have an account at another Hubzilla/RedMatrix location you can create one at my public hub located at or at any other public hub:

You can then reimport your channel at your new hub and continue where you left off.

When choosing a new hub, you may wish to ensure that said hub has enabled the diaspora protocol. If you have diaspora connections and wish to continue communicating with them, you will need to remove and re-add them since diaspora doesn't have the Zot protocol.
Seth Martin
The notification e-mail didn't get sent and the domain registration expires on 06/29/2016 and it's not going to be renewed, so June 29 is the final day for

Please export your channels now!
Seth Martin
Ok, so June 28th was the final day. Turns out that it expired at the start of the 29th, not the end. is no more.
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 from Diaspora

Seth Martin
I'm moving and to Nginx which I haven't done with RedMatrix or Friendica yet.

Are there any special Nginx directives or recommendations that I should know about?

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Thomas Willingham
There is a good summary here, but IMO, it doesn't make much difference anymore.  It was technical merit that made me choose Nginx years ago, but nowadays I stick with it because I can't be bothered to dust the cobwebs off my Apache-fu.  There's very little to choose between them unless you specifically want a reverse proxy.
Thomas Willingham
(For clarity, before Apache had the MPM event module, that was the difference that made Nginx appealing).
So it's better to ask this question when setting up a new server. I just keep Apache running in MPM pre-fork mode. Thanks Thomas.
Seth Martin
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Free Speech Gets Tricky When ISIS Shows Up


Social networks struggle with open access as terrorists’ account proliferate

It looks like Adam Rawnsley didn't notice the #IS accounts on #diaspora before he finished the article.

#Friendica #RedMatrix #FreeSpeech #Freedom #Liberty #Social Networking #FOSS #FLOSS #Twitter #Social Media #ISIS #Terrorism @LibertyPod+
Seth Martin
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It looks like they have found their home in diaspora land.

Going by the new accounts sharing with diaspora* HQ, the majority of people currently signing up to diaspora* are Islamic State jihadists (15-20 yesterday, about 40-50 overnight).
Thomas Willingham
I always thought it'd be gay porn that broke Diaspora.

I posted one SMBC comic once about gay engineers, and overnight, my stream became 99% gay porn posted by random strangers who followed me because of a comic.

Giving head to beheading in three short years.  Well done, Diaspora.
Thomas Willingham
This cartoon:


Seth Martin
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Well, that was unpleasant. I had to remove a channel and account from my #RedMatrix website at

The channel name was "Free Speech" which made it even more unpleasant. I sent an e-mail to the address the account holder entered during signup:
I wish to provide a free speech platform for everyone but cannot. I cannot host Islamic State channels because it jeopardizes my safety and the safety of others.

You made the right decision by choosing the Red Matrix for your communications but you need to host it yourself. Instructions are here:

I must now remove your channel(s) from my servers to protect our safety.

Now I look back on that message and wonder if the message is jeopardizing our safety by providing a suggestion.

#Liberty #Freedom #RedMatrix #Free Speech @LibertyPod+
Mike Macgirvin
We provide a network that is relatively free of censorship - providing you follow the rules of the house.

If you're hosting the site - it's your house, you get to set the rules. You're responsible for the content on it, and in most countries you can go to jail if the content is of an illegal nature - no matter who posted it. Therefore as the site owner you must have the right to remove anybody or any content any of your site members post.

The network itself does not have any rules about who can be a site owner and what content is allowed or not - and cannot enforce any rules on anybody. The site owner alone gets to set the rules, and they will usually do so based on the laws in effect in their jurisdiction.

So if you want freedom from censorship, you need to do two things...

1. Host the site yourself or find a site owner who is comfortable with your views
2. Ensure the site is located in a country whose laws are compatible with your views.
Mike Macgirvin
[Between you and me, you can also make your content private. The house usually won't try to remove questionable content that it can't see.]
Thomas Willingham
Well, that was unpleasant. I had to remove a channel and account from my #RedMatrix website at

The channel name was "Free Speech" which made it even more unpleasant

Like I said in the other thread, there's an awful lot to consider here, and a painful decision that'll leave you wondering whether you did the right thing either way - but ultimately, what Mike said.

The network is free.  Individual hubs were never even supposed to be free - in either sense of the word - unless they're your own.

Seth Martin
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Go here NOW and applaud the RedMatrix:
The Red Matrix
Spread the word.


This is how the internet should have worked from the beginning.

#RedMatrix #Internet #Decentralization #Knight Foundation
Seth Martin
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Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Wed, 29 Jan 2014 06:29:36 -0600

Red Matrix update
The last few weeks have been quite busy here at the redmatrix. We had our first release (stable-1.0). Then we had our second release (stable 1-1). In between we brought webDAV to social media. No - this isn't like owncloud where you can store some personal files and perhaps create some accounts on your server for a couple of friends to access those files. Files you store in Red have network-wide access control, so you can publish (for instance) a spreadsheet of server statistics only to your co-workers. Or (for instance) beer-making recipes only to your drinking buddies. The people you share with don't have to have an account on your server. In fact, they can move from one server to another server and everything still works. You don't have to change a thing.

And you don't have to "upload" stuff. The matrix is just another hard drive attached to your computer. Drag and drop. You can use DOS, Windows, MacOS or Unix/Linux, Firefox OS or Sailfish or Android.

We don't care.

Previously we provided the same kind of access control for personal web pages and photos and events and gave you the ability to use end-to-end encryption with your own encryption modules (if you desire) so nobody (and I do mean NOBODY) can monitor your private communications. No other software on the planet has anything that can touch this range of abilities.

But we're not done yet. Shit, we're just getting started.