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Seth Martin

Seth Martin,, and were all either not functioning or handicapped most of yesterday due to my hosting facility relocating the server. In hindsight, I should have accepted their offer to schedule a convenient time with me, but at that time I figured 'why not let them move it while I'm sleeping?'

There turned out to be more than one problem. First I didn't have any method set up to start the virtual machines automatically upon host machine reboot. I realized this when I woke, started them and rushed off to work. The next problem was that several database tables crashed for each website making them pretty useless.

It took a while to get all the tables repaired but it all looks good now.

My apologies to anyone that was inconvenienced.

#Fixed @LibertyPod+
Haakon Meland Eriksen
Well done!
Maria Karlsen
No problem, just moved to a clone meanwhile:-)
Seth Martin
I love having clones. One of the most important features of Hubzilla software.
Seth Martin
But how to enable? @Channel One+

- For installing addons
  • First you should be on your website folder cd mywebsite
  • Then you should clone the addon repository (separately). We'll give this repository a nickname of 'matrix'. You can pull in other redmatrix addon repositories by giving them different nicknames. util/add_addon_repo matrix
  • For keeping the addon tree updated, you should be on your top level website directory and issue an update command for that repository. cd mywebsite util/update_addon_repo matrix
Seth Martin
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Hmm, it's still not working for me.
Mike Macgirvin
rm -rf extend/addon

and try again.

It isn't a complicated script.
Seth Martin
That's better. They're linking now, Thanks!
Seth Martin
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Aaron GibsonAaron Gibson wrote the following post Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:39:56 -0500

And the ISPs wonder why everyone hates them.
Verizon claims common carrier rules would require Web services to pay ISPs

Verizon also says FCC's no-blocking rule could be too strict.

#Net Neutrality #Verizon #ISP #FCC @Laissez-Faire Capitalism+ @LibertyPod+
Seth Martin
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Thanks Mike!

Thank you for all you have done to make the red# possible.
Seth Martin
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Well, that was a surprise... the rich text editor appeared while editing this post.
Mike Macgirvin
won't happen again. At least not that rich text editor.
Seth Martin
Hmmm, somebody killed with the latest update:
ERROR: folder /home/libertypod/domains/[data]/smarty3 does not exist.

At least still works on a different server...
Seth Martin
Ok, so far I have moved all my e-mail, business website and (RedMatrix website) off of the shit server and on to the good one. The only domains left are and (currently disabled).

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything in regards to moving a RedMatrix website to a new server. It appears to be fairly simple.

I git cloned the repositories, set up the cron jobs, imported the mysqldump from the old server, edited .htconfig.php from the old hub to reflect the new db info and php path and uploaded it to the new red root,
mkdir -p store/[data]/smarty3 and made sure it's writeable by the webserver, added custom php.ini settings:
register_argc_argv = On
upload_max_filesize = 1024M
post_max_size = 1024M
memory_limit = 2048M
max_execution_time = 6400
max_input_time = 6400

Am I forgetting anything? So far it appears to be working properly failing since I made this same post this via and it didn't show up at the other clones. Going to bed now, will try to figure out what I missed after the snooze.
Seth Martin
I turned Friendica back on so I can hopefully discover solutions when I wake up. So far it isn't killing the server completely like it was before.
Thomas Willingham
The problem with Friendica over last year is that if you don't pull dev code, after a while, things stopped working

I'm still on the last point release and it's still fine.  Even managed to get a post to Diaspora.  :shrug

Not that you can go back.  That's one helluva change recently.

It's true Friendica could use more regular point releases though.
Seth Martin
I don't see anything odd in my matrix stream posted from anyone from but this is happening every time that I visit my matrix stream.
Anyone else with this issue?
@The Red Matrix Support Channel+
Maria Karlsen
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Since it was one of my posts triggering this I'll change my permission settings temporarily. Perhaps that will let you to see if it's anything related. Will the problem go away if you delete my posts from the last 1-2 days from your stream?
(It seems that the everything was okay from the moment Mike fixed it until I wrote a new public post. Oh dear...)
Maria Karlsen
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Hm. Just got this myself when logging in using another hub. Not when trying a third hub.
2nd hub is version 2014-04-08.641R+c7080ed
1st and 3rd hub is version 2014-05-11.67R+0bf68af
Seth Martin
No worries anymore. It was just a single comment that included a photo that you made. I forgot what top level post your comment was on because I deleted it from my matrix stream. If you delete that comment, the problem is solved.
Seth Martin
It looks like the "new chatroom" link is missing the channel name.
Mike Macgirvin
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#fixed (probably - I didn't test it)
Seth Martin
I think that I just discovered the reason had a credit in my account. never got transferred. Now registration is expired. Getting it fixed. Looks like DreamHost gets to steal another $100 from me.
Seth Martin
#Fixed, is back and this time registration transfer was successful.
Seth Martin
Uh oh, it appears that Show More may be broken for posts. Using FF25 and Chromium.
Mike Macgirvin
I disabled the jquery migration assistant yesterday and moved jquery.browser (one of the deprecated functions) to core code. I thought that was the only migration issue. One could re-enable the migration tool and see if that brings back "show more". Then find out what other obsolete thing we're relying on and figure out what to do about it.

Of course it could be something else entirely, but this is about the only javascript which has been messed with in the last 24 hours, so it's highly suspect.
Mike Macgirvin
Seth Martin
Something that would be kinda cool is if we could post something using our primary Red domain, and that post show in the Matrix Stream when logged in to a secondary domain.
Does that sound too far fetched? @Mike Macgirvin @Saint Zotious
Thomas Willingham
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Yeah, nomadic clones.

It gets a bit mind mending dealing with multiple copies of yourself, but in general (and by "in general" I mean "there may be shades of grey in between, but I haven't tested those"), I see my clones with "anyone on this network" permissions for sending me posts, and don't see them for clones with more restrictive permissions.
Mike Macgirvin
When there's a recipient list we should probably add your self/selves to the recipient list explicitly, because they aren't there and should be. Especially a bit further down the road when we start doing things like allowing privacy groups to be shared/copied.

So two bugs here.
Mike Macgirvin
The second one should be #fixed - so if you send a private message, your clones will automatically be included. The first one I probably can't do very much about. If your channel only accepts posts from "this site" you'll never get a message from your clones on other sites. To fix this would involve breaking the security model. I'm going to leave it alone. File a bug if it affects you.