You requested a connection...

Woozle Hypertwin
So, do I know you from somewhere, or did my name just pop up in the directory? Either way is fine; I just like to get the sense that I can communicate with someone before I go adding them ;-)

That makes good sense to check first!  You popped up in the directory and your site looks quite interesting,  Also both your site and screen name suggest the likelihood you've maintained a sense of humor whilst delving into serious topics.

I'm new to social media of any sort and don't know anyone here, so sent the connection request as a way to begin.
Woozle Hypertwin
Works for me! I've approved the connection.

There's more about me at

(I need to figure out how to add that to my Hubzilla profile...)

There's really not much here Hubzilla-wise, so I guess you mean the wiki part?