Description: Just an awesome Victini
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Description: Adaptive Skills
Description: Software Developer
Description: Feed Republish for the Falkvinge on Liberty Blog (Unofficial)
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Keywords: hacking, reverse, engineering, Linux, infosec, gnusocial, radare2, programming, computer, science, electrical, engineering
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Location: Chinchilla, Albacete, Spain
Hometown: Spain
Keywords: #linux, #freedom, #hamradio, #truth-seeker, #constitutionalist
Description: Welcome to my profile, friends and feds alike! I am an INFP, Producer/DJ, Wobbly, Anarchist without Adjectives preferentcial to Post Civ Mutualism.
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Description: Yukiverse
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About: To keep things manageable and simple, visit my public profile here:
Age: 36
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Description: Programmer / Writer
About: I created this name when learning Lojban,
and it has served as my handle while working on LibreCAD.

I have experience with C++ but I prefer Python.
Keywords: lisp
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